Help from Ireland

Intelligence report sent to Duke of Newcastle (SP 36/78/71).


December 24th 1745


I don’t remember I told you but I know I told his grace the Duke of Newcastle that the Rebels intended to send 20 or 30 men only to Conaught a Province of Ireland and most part of them papists to raise a Rebellion there one Gorden, in the Rebel army when I was there, who was in King Georges [George II’s] Army in Ireland is to be the most active man in this affair that it was agreed between the Rebels and their friends in London when the Rebels were to be near London to raise all the reports of the French army being landed near London and report every other thing that would occation [occasion] tumults for at this time they were to unmask themselves that most of the colours [coloured regimental flags] of the Rebbels foot [soldiers] are brooms tyed to long poles I believe in imitation of Romulus the first King of the Romans. I begin to fear I have disobliged [upset] the Duke of Newcastle or you somehow or other that I don’t know what makes me think soe in being here soe long where I am very well used but think I can be of service to the Government here longer in which service it is my greatest ambition to spend every minute of my life usefully, the thoughts of seeing my wife and family which I always banished from me when among the Rebels as base and unmanly is not even now troublesome to me while it is your pleasure I should stay here or go elsewhere but having nothing to do was always the greatest pain to my mind.

I must request that I may have the pleasure of seeing you soon and after will go where you will and stay as long and close as you please

Your most sincere and Devoted

humble Servant,

Dudley Bradstree

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