Sheriffmuir 1715

An account of Battle of Sheriffmuir from James Sandilands, Lord Torphichen, Scottish nobleman and army officer, loyal to the English Government, present with his regiment, November 1715 (SP 54/10/95).


Coppie of Lord Torphichen’s letter

Collenell [Colonel] Kerrs squandron and mine were once ordered with two battalions for the corps of Reserve. But these Battalions mixing with the left wing upon the march, my squadron happened to be upon the rear of all, when all of a sudden we had the notice that our right had Engaged the left of the enemy. I immediately Caused my squadron to form and marched at a full gallop up the hill, from the top of which I saw the right wing of the Enemy’s horse formed in good order and to my great Surprise all the plain beswept them and we full of our people both Dragoons and Foot running up & sometimes fireing, and a good number of highlanders takeing the advantage of the Confusion which was occasioned by four Battalions who were attacqued [attacked] upon the Long march before they were formed into battle order when I saw such a [crowd] I was soe much concerned that I scarce knew what to doe & being affraid that the violent running of the foot and of one  Squadron of Stairs and two of Carpenters might break mine, But I continued all attack and Immediately marched up my Squadron to a pass through which they were obliged to goe and there not only made my people give them shameing huzzars [cheers] but threatened them if they did not stand to treat them as Enemies which Immediately had the desired effect for both Dragoons and foot rallied under my Colours, and in the mean tyme [time] Cut down what Highlanders had by their Eagerness made too great ane advantage, General William who Commanded on the left who was soe sensible of the service  I had done that when wee marched off with our artillery and ammunition, he did me the honour to order me with my Squadron to forme the rear guard tho[ugh] my squadron was the youngest in the field and soe marched off in good order allways fronting the Enemy att any [departure].The above you may depend upon true in fact.

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