Bose’s failure

Secret telegram from General Auchinleck on Chandra Bose, 11th November 1943 (WO 208/3812)



This message will not be distributed outside British Government Departments or Headquarters or re-transmitted, even in cipher, without being paraphrased.
(Messages marked O.T.P. need not be paraphrased).

From: C. in C. India
To: Machin Chungkin
Rptd. The War Office
B.A.S. Washington. Recd. 1020 11 Nov.43.

83997/I cipher 11 Nov.

One. Formation of Bose’s provisional government so far has aroused practically no interest in India. Govt of India policy at present is to ignore him in internal propaganda.

Two. References by Chungking radio to Bose’s provisional govt or his Indian National Army or quoting Japanese broadcasts would merely give undesirable publicity and prestige. Anything you can do through Embassy or other channels to induce Chinese propaganda authorities to refrain from this would be appreciated.

Third. Can Troopers arrange similar policy with BBC and in regard news agency messages despatched India. Reuters recently transmitting messages from UK based on DOMEI and referring above subjects.

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