Fear of witches

Unnamed witches: a witch at sea. (Catalogue ref: SP 29/288 f. 5)

The witch in this source was accused of a range of serious crimes, including causing the Queen’s bareness and the death of an MP. It shows how much witches could be feared and what it was perceived their powers could be, 27 February, 1671.


Paragraph 3:

  1. There is a woman about Looe in this County
  2. apprehended for a witch & is by letters from
  3. [?] I am informed that he hath dis-
  4. covered that she was in the fleet when the
  5. Duke of York was at sea & hindered the
  6. prosecution of that victor against the Dutch
  7. & that she hath been the cause of the
  8. Queen’s barrenness & several other things
  9. & that she caused the bull to kill Colonel
  10. Robinson a parliament man & justice of the
  11. peace because he prosecuted the non con-
  12. formists she being one herself: either a
  13. Presbyterian or a Baptist. She was discovered
  14. by cats bouncing in the air & inviting
  15. one of her neighbours to the same craft.
  16. Some say she is Mize & say & con-
  17. fess anything but by letter that came
  18. from those parts say that she hath several
  19. marks about her where the Devil hath
  20. sucked her. She is apprehended & sent to
  21. Gaol, the Assizes being near I shall then
  22. give you a more certain account.
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