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Who caused the Cold War?

Imagine you were looking at your TV listings magazine in 1949 and you saw this entry.

8.45 pm The Great Debate: Who caused the Cold War? An exclusive live debate between US President Truman, Soviet leader Stalin and British politician Winston Churchill. All three have agreed to be interviewed live and give their views on the current political situation.

You have to imagine because no event like this ever happened:

  • The year 1949 saw some of the tensest moments of the Cold War, so the leaders would never have gathered together.
  • None of them would really have agreed to be interviewed live on TV
  • There were hardly any TVs and no listings magazines!

But let's imagine anyway. What questions would you ask Truman, Stalin and Churchill if you were presenting the debate? We have 3 case studies which will help you to develop your own views. Look at the Big Question section to see exact details of what you have to do. When you are clear in your own mind, click on the case studies to begin your investigation.

Case Studies
Soviet Policy 1945-48
Churchill and the Iron Curtain speech
The Truman Doctrine and Marshall Aid
The Big Question