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Trafalgar Ancestors

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Richard Davison Pritchard aged 21 born in Newington near London, England.

Ship: HMS Royal Sovereign

Rank/Rating: Master's Mate


Personal details



30 May 1788



4 January 1849



Married Mary Ann Davis (died 1842) of Binfield Lodge, Berkshire, England on 10 July 1810 Children: Richard Davis Pritchard (born 1811, Langley near Windsor, Berkshire, Surgeon, Royal Navy); Roseanne Mary Pritchard (born Bank House, Southampton in the parish of Holyhood, Hampshire 5 February 1821).



Samuel Perkins Pritchard, Master RN (died 3 September 1812)



Ruth Ann



Richard Davison Pritchard made an allotment from his wages on 5 April 1799, 1 January 1800, 6 August 1800, and 1 November 1802. In his officer's survey of 1817, TNA ADM 9/9 folio 2914, which is in poor condition and missing parts, Pritchard writes 'Dexterous on my passage to join the Terrible (to which ship Lord Collingwood had appointed me as a Lieutenant) I had command, and cut out two gun boats ball passed through my body, and another through my left arm, which has been useless ecer since. From these wounds my stay in the Terrible and Avenger…after leaving the Avenger was not able to go to sea again until November 13, at which time the Transport service, where I remained until the 27 August last 1819 they having at that time no further occasion for my services. During my [transport] service I have been twice to the Cape of Good Hope, also to the Isles of France and Ceylon, at Gorree, Senegal and Sierra Leone on the West Coast of [?] and Rio De Janiero, and once to the West Indies'.


Service details


HMS Prince

Ship's pay book number: (Vol 1C, number 10)
10 August 1797 to 14 March 1798
Rank/rating: Volunteer 1st Class
Comments: From Portsmouth
Comments: On leave from HMS Prince 15-25 March 1798.

Ship's pay book number: (Vol 1C, number 10)
26 March 1798 to 4 April 1799
Rank/rating: Volunteer 1st Class

Ship's pay book number: (SB 1139)
5 April 1799 to 30 April 1799
Rank/rating: Able Seaman

Ship's pay book number: (SB 1139)
1 May 1799 to 5 August 1800
Rank/rating: Midshipman

HMS Prince George

Ship's pay book number: (SB 609)
6 August 1800 to 28 April 1802
Rank/rating: Midshipman

HMS Blenheim

Ship's pay book number: (SB 36)
1 May 1802 to 1 March 1804
Rank/rating: Midshipman
Comments: From 2 March 1804 to early April 1804 on a prize ship [Barbados?]

Ship's pay book number: (SB 36)
April 1804
Rank/rating: Midshipman

HMS Royal Sovereign

Ship's pay book number: (SB 848)
5 August 1805 to 27 December 1805 (Was at Trafalgar)
Rank/rating: Master's Mate

HMS Prince of Wales

Ship's pay book number: (SB 837)
2 November 1806 to 26 January 1806
Rank/rating: Midshipman

HMS Anson

Ship's pay book number: (SB 222)
27 January 1806 to 11 March 1806
Rank/rating: Midshipman

HMS Ocean

Ship's pay book number: (SB 678)
15 March 1806 to 3 November 1806
Rank/rating: Midshipman

HMS Dexterous

Ship's pay book number: (SB 61)
3 December 1806 to 23 May 1807
Rank/rating: Sub-Lieutenant
Comments: In Gibraltar hospital 24 May to 27 August 1807 (cured of wounds received in action on HMS Dexeterous).

HMS San Juan Nepomuceno

Ship's pay book number: (SLVO 461)
28 August 1807 to 27 October 1807
Rank/rating: Lieutenant

HMS Minorca

Ship's pay book number: (SLVO 146)
28 October 1807 to 6 November 1807
Rank/rating: Lieutenant

HMS Terrible

Ship's pay book number: (SB 783)
7 November 1807 to 29 April 1808
Rank/rating: Acting Lieutenant
Comments: Discharged from HMS Terrible 'invalided and unserviceable'.

HMS Avenger

Ship's pay book number: (SB 204)
15 March 1809 to 11 June 1809
Rank/rating: Lieutenant
Comments: Served on a gunboat 12 June to 20 July 1809.

Ship's pay book number: (SB 204)
21 July 1809 to 29 November 1809
Rank/rating: Lieutenant
Comments: Discharged from HMS Avenger 'invalided'.
Comments: Served in Transport service November 1813 to August 1819.

HMS Meteor

13 February 1838 to 14 March 1841
Rank/rating: Lieutenant Commander

HMS Avon

14 March 1841 to 9 September 1841
Rank/rating: Lieutenant Commander

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