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London can take it

Still from film

10 Minutes

Released: 21 October 1940 (UK)

Sponsor: Ministry of Information

Production: G.P.O Film Unit

Direction: Humphrey Jennings and Harry Watt

Commentary by: ‘Quentin Reynolds'

This film, in which the American journalist, Quentin Reynolds pays tribute to London and its people under fire, conveys the spirit and atmosphere of the 1940 blitz on the capital. Its impact at the time, especially in U.S.A., makes it historically one of the most important of the war films.

The production file in the National Archives - TNA: INF6/328 states that the film was to be ‘distributed throughout U.S.A, Canada and Latin-America by Warner Bros' and was to be shown in ‘at least 15,000 American cinemas'.


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