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Help - using the interactive transcribing exercise

Step 1: Study the line of text from the document image

Step 2: On the document image, use the interactive magnifying glass to zoom in/out of image by clicking on a particular word

Step 3: Using the textbox below the document image, type in your transcription

Step 4: When you have finished the current line of text, click on the Submit button

Step 5: The results will be shown and will give you the option to either retry or move onto the next line of the current document.

Help – instructions on typing your transcription

1) For every word you cannot transcribe, put in a dash character '-'

2) Every word you transcribe should be separated with a single space. If you add an extra space the computer programme will mark all subsequent words incorrectly because the marking system will not be synchronised.

3) The transcribing text must match, whether it is in capital or lower case

4) Expand abbreviations in square brackets where necessary

5) The number of words must match, otherwise excess words will be ignored

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