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Transcript - Document 9

Check list of items sent with Thomas Jennynges to boarding school, 1585.

(Catalogue reference: E 163/14/10)

1. Septimo Julij Apparrell and other necessaries sent w[i]th my sonne
2. 1585 Thomas Jennyng[es] into Bedfordshere to skole
3. Inprimis One newe dublett and a payer of hose fustian cutt
4. It[e]m one dubelett of yellowe sackcloth and a payer of hose
5. of Carrell newe
6. It[e]m one Clook of murrey Cloth
7. It[e]m foure payre of nether stock[es] two whit one carnac[i]on & one and two
8. Yellowe newe
9. It[e]m one old frize Cote
10. It[e]m one old fize Jerkyn
11. It[e]m one Lether Jerkyn newe
12. It[e]m foure payer of showes newe
13. t[e]m two hattes, one newe
14. It[e]m two girdell[es] one newe
15. It[e]m a showinghorne
16. It[e]m two dozen point[es]
17. It[e]m sixe shert[es], newe
18. It[e]m eight band[es] four newe
19. It[e]m sixe payer of Cuff[es] thre newe
20. It[e]m sixe handcarcheff[es]
21. It[e]m one newe gram[er] It[e]m one sambl Sample
22. It[e]m a newe Tirrance writinge book
23. It[e]m an Isops Fables It[e]m one sampler book
24. It[e]m a Catachisme
25. It[e]m a prayer book
26. It[e]m three quire of paper
27. It[e]m Cordelius Diologg[es]
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