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Transcript - Document 7

This document, dated August 1618, forms part of the manorial survey for Manor of Beere and Penally in Pembrokeshire.

(Catalogue reference: LR 2/206 folio 75 and folio 101)

1. Manerium de Beere et
2. Pennally in Com[itatu] Pembr'
3. The Survey of the Mannor of Beere and Pennally parcel of the
4. possessions of the most Excellent Prince Charles Prince of Wales taken
5. in the Moneth of August 1618 and in the yeare of the raigne of o[u]r Sov[er]aigne
6. Lord Kinge James of England Fraune and Ireland the sixteenth and of Scotland
7. the Twoe and Fiftieth by the viewe and p[er]ambulac[i]on of S[i]r John Stepneth knight
8. and Thomas Cannon Esquier Aucthorized by l[ett]res Comissionary from his highnes
9. Councell for the S[u]rvey of the said Manno[u]r, w[i]th the Assistaunce of a Jurie beinge
10. Customary Ten[a]nts of the said Manno[u]r Impannelled and sworne by William
11. Jones gent[leman] Steward there at a Courte Baron and of S[u]rvey houlden for the
12. said Manno[u]r at Jameston the twelveth daie of the said Moneth of August 1618
13. The names of w[hi]ch Jurors doe followe
14. Joh[ann]es Rogers gen[tleman] }   Joh[ann]es Davie }  
15. Davie Thomas senior   Ric[ard]us hillinge  
16. Andreas Thomas   Carolus Jealian  
17. Georgius Philpe   Joh[ann]es Nicholas  
18. Joh[ann]es Philpe Ju[rors] David Cooke Jur[ors]
19. David Robbyn   David Williams  
20. Thomas Gullam   Ph[illip]us Craddocke  
21. Joh[ann]es Shipman   Joh[ann]es Rowe  
22. Joh[ann]es Athoe   Will[e]mus Lewis  
23. The Scite and Bowndes of the said Manno[u]r
24. Inprimis the said Manno[u]r of Beere and Pennally is bounded
25. uppon the East and South partes with the River or Sea called
26. Seavern, upon the West parte w[i]th the Manno[u]r of Hodgeston And
27. uppon the North parte w[i]th his highnes Manno[u]r of St Florence And
28. is in Circuyte by estimac[i]on foure myles, and is conteyned in twoe
29. p[ar]ishes, the one called Mannor Beere and thother called Pennally.
30. Item the said Jurie does saie and present that the Sea hath overflowne
31. Mannerbeere husbandrie
32. Frances Pearce Spinster houldeth there a barne and a
33. p[ar]cell of land by the tenure aforesaid at the yearlie rent of xij d
34. The p[ar]ticulers } land } Rocke land twoe yard[es]
35. Nicholas Addams houldeth one Mesuage by the terme
36. afforesaid at the yearlie rent of vij s
37.   } houses } A house a Corne hay A garden      
38. The p[ar]ticulers   } Arrable 06 } Acres 10
39.   land Furze and heath 04  
40. Ellinor Lloyd houldeth a little Chamber by the tenure      
41. aforesaid at the yearlie rent of   ij s    
42. The p[ar]ticulers } land } Arrable   02 } Acres 2
43. David Robbyn houldeth one Mesuage by the tenure
44. aforesaid At the yearlie rent of       xiij s ob
45.   } house } A house A garden      
46. The p[ar]ticulers   } Arrable 20 }  
47.   land Moorie grounde 02 Acres 24
48.       Rockie & stonie grounde 02  
49. George Philpe houldeth there one Mesuage by the tenure
50. aforesaid at the yearlie rent of xij s j d  
51.       } Arrable 14 1/2 }  
52. The p[ar]ticulers } land Pasture 02 Acres 18 1/2
53.       Rockie Land 02  
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