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Transcript - Document 6

This document, dated 17 June 1554, forms part of the particulars for the sale of the manor of Bulmershe, near Reading in Berkshire.

(Catalogue reference: E 318/11/507)

  1. The fore said Ferme of the man[er] of Bulm[er]she lyeth w[i]t[h]in a myle of the kyng[es] maiesties house of
  2. Redyng whych ys res[er]vyd & kept for his maiesties accesse w[i]t[h] a kep[er] for the same
  3. It[e]m it lyeth not a bove a myle & a halfe from the kyng[es] hygnes p[ar]ke of Whittley
  4. It[e]m yt ys w[i]t[h]in lesse then a myle of the Border of his graces Forest of Wyndesore
  5. & his graces redde dere do many tymes resort oute of the same Forest & lye & feede
  6. in the ground[es] belonging to the said Ferme
  7. The certyfycate From thaudyto[ur] It[e]m the valew of the Ferme of Bulm[er]she a bove wrytten w[i]t[h] the appurtenances was
  8. delyv[er]ed to John Vener be fore this by a warraunt of Syr Rychard Southwell
  9. It[e]m c[er]teyn ground a bove said Called Arleighe lyeth a myle From Redyng
  10. a fore said
  11. It[e]m the said ground of Arleygh[e] lyeth halfe a myle From the p[ar]kes of Whyttley
  12. It[e]m yt lyeth a myle From the said Forest of Wyndesore
  13. p[er] Joh[ann]em peppyr
  14. auditor & exa[minator]
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