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Complaint about poor storage facilities for state records (detail). 23 October 1686. Cat ref: E 36/253 p 169. Crown copyright

Detail from complaint

Document 5: A letter sent to Lawrence Earl of Rochester, Lord High Treasurer of England, dated 23 October 1686

(Catalogue reference: E 36/253 page 169)

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About this document

This letter raises problems with two of the locations where royal archives were being stored at Westminster. The writer expresses concern for the preservation of royal archives stored at two locations at Westminster, in a building off the cloister of Westminster AbbeyLinks to glossary - opens in a new window and in a building in New Palace YardLinks to glossary - opens in a new window, adjacent to Westminster Palace. The buildings are far from ideal for storing archives, being located next to a wash house and alehouse. The royal documents are under threat from damp and fire.

The document is written in a very cursive late secretary hand.