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Details: Bristol Maternity Hospital, Bristol

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Present name

Bristol Maternity Hospital 

Previous name(s)

Temporary Home for Young Girls Who Have Gone Astray (1865 - 1903)
Temporary Home and Lying-In Hospital (1903 reference)
Bristol Maternity Hospital and Temporary Home (by 1929 - ?)
Bristol Lying-In Hospital (by 1948 - ?)
(Queen Victoria House) (1950 - 1975)  


St Michael's Hill Bristol BS2 8EG 

Previous location

9, Alfred Place (1865 - 1871)
50, Southwell Street (1871 - c.1940)
78, St Michael's Hill (1940s)
Transferred to premises of Queen Victoria Jubilee Convalescent Home, Blackboy Hill, Dudham Down (1950 - 1975)

Foundation Year




Administrative authorities

Regional Hospital Board (1948-74)

Provinces (Teaching) 

Hospital Management Committee (1948-74)

United Bristol 

Regional Health Authority (1974-82)

South Western 

Regional Health Authority (1982- )

South Western 

District Health Authority (1974-82)

Bristol (Teaching) 

District Health Authority (1982- )

Bristol and Weston 

County (before 1974)


County (1974-1996)


County (after 1996)



Pre 1948

Voluntary, Local Authority

Post 1948



Pre 1948


Post 1948


Other information

Administration taken over by the Royal Hospital, 1946. According to a pamphlet published in 1961 by the United Bristol Hospitals Board of Governors, the names and places read as follows: 1865 - 1894 The Temporary Home 1894 - 1914 The Temporary Home and Lying - In Hospital 1914 - 1939 The Bristol Maternity Hospital and Temporary Home 1939 - The Bristol Maternity Hospital

Records can be found at:


  Bristol Record Office

Record type

Date range


1864 - 1948


1864 - 1948


1912 - 1942

   Admission & Discharge

1875 - 1939


1926 - 1926

Clinical & Patients

1928 - 1947

Finding aids

Finding aids


Location of finding aids

At Repository(AR), National Register of Archives (NRA)



Records include a register of adoptions 1918-1924.

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