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Details: Babies Hospital, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

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Present name

Babies Hospital 

Previous name(s)

West End Day Nursery (1914 - 1924)
Babies Hospital and Mothercraft Centre (1925 reference)  


34/35 Leazes Terrace Newcastle-Upon-Tyne NE7 4LP 

Previous location

33 West Parade, off Westmoreland Road (1914 - 1940?)
Blagdon Hall, Northumberland (1940 - 1948)

Foundation Year




Closure year


Administrative authorities

Regional Hospital Board (1948-74)

Provinces (Teaching) 

Hospital Management Committee (1948-74)

United Newcastle 

Regional Health Authority (1974-82)

Not Applicable 

Regional Health Authority (1982- )

Not Applicable 

District Health Authority (1974-82)

Not Applicable 

District Health Authority (1982- )

Not Applicable 

County (before 1974)


County (1974-1996)

Not Applicable 

County (after 1996)

Not applicable 


Pre 1948


Post 1948



Pre 1948


Post 1948


Other information

The Babies Hospital, Newcastle, had its origins in a day nursery opened by Miss Greta Rowell, for mothers working in local munitions factories during the First World War. Known as the West End Day Nursery, it was based at 33 West Parade off Westmoreland Road. By 1923 there was a shift of emphasis from Day Nursery to Babies Nursing or Mothercraft Training Centre dealing in the main with babies with feeding problems. In 1924 Dr Spence, the Nursery's Honorary Consulting Physician, recommended closing the Nursery to daily children and to increase the number of beds for in-patients and in 1925 its name was changed to Babies Hospital and Mothercraft Centre. During the Second World War, the hospital, with the exception of out-patients, moved to Blagdon Hall, Northumberland. In 1943 Dr Spence became the first professor of paediatrics in England and this led to the removal of the out-patients department at West Parade to the children's clinic at the Royal victoria Infirmary. In 1944 the Babies Hospital was formally amalgamated with the Royal Victoria Infirmary and on 18 May 1948 the hospital at Leazes Terrace was opened. By 1971 paediatric surgical services in Newcastle had shifted to the Fleming Memorial Children's Hospital and in 1973 the official policy was to run down the Babies Hospital. It is now closed.

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  Tyne and Wear Archives Service

Record type

Date range


1926 - 1973


1940 - 1971


1928 - 1946

   Admission & Discharge

1926 - 1973


1956 - 1964

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