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Details: Bensham General Hospital, Gateshead

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Present name

Bensham General Hospital 

Previous name(s)

High Teams Institution, 1890-1941  


Saltwell Road Gateshead NE8 4YL (Since 1941) 

Foundation Year




Administrative authorities

Regional Hospital Board (1948-74)


Hospital Management Committee (1948-74)

Gateshead and District 

Regional Health Authority (1974-82)


Regional Health Authority (1982- )


District Health Authority (1974-82)


District Health Authority (1982- )


Current Trust

Gateshead Health NHS Trust 

Trust From


County (before 1974)


County (1974-1996)

Tyne and Wear 

County (after 1996)

Tyne and Wear 


Pre 1948


Post 1948



Pre 1948


Post 1948

Acute, Geriatric

Other information

Bensham General Hospital was originally part of the workhouse. In February 1886 plans had been submitted to the Board of Guardians for a new workhouse, school and hospital on High Teams Farms, to replace the old workhouse in Union Lane which had been built in 1841. But was very overcrowded. The architect in 1886 reported that he had tried to embody most of the leading characteristics of Aston Hospital in his plans and facilities included provision for infirm and chronic cases, imbeciles, sick wards, surgical cases, itch and look cases, isolation and maternity wards. Accommodation was for 117 men and 111 women at a cost of 9,250 for the hospital and 36,000 for the whole institution. The workhouse opened in June 1890, becoming known in the early 20th century as High Teams Institution. A survey in 1931 showed that hospital accommodation in Gateshead was totally inadequate and recommended that the workhouse hospital should be taken over and adapted as a general hospital. In 1936, however a new survey abandoned this plan on the grounds of costs and situation and recommended a new 200-250 bed hospital with a maternity unit near the Isolation Hospital. Work began in June 1939 but was interrupted by the war. This new hospital hospital, the Queen Elizabeth was in use from 1943, but was not officially opened until March 1948. In the meantime, the orginal plan was returned and in June 1941 the hospital wards of the High Teams Institution were appropriated to become Bensham General Hospital. It, like other Gateshead Hospitals, fell under the control of the Gateshead + District Hospital Management Committee from July 1948.

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  Tyne and Wear Archives Service

Record type

Date range


1921 - 1970


1949 - 1970

   Admission & Discharge

1921 - 1957

Clinical & Patients

1934 - 1958

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