Source 2

‘Reward’ poster for the arrest and conviction of men who destroyed three knitting machines in January 1812. Catalogue ref: HO 42/119 f.135

Stocking frame:  Mechanical knitting machine used in the textile industry.

Gauge: Number of stitches a garment has per inch, used to calculate width of cloth.

Hosier: Person who makes or deals in hose or stockings or goods knitted or woven like hose.


Frame – Breaking.
£200 Reward.


WHEREAS, on Thursday Night last, about Ten o’ Clock, a great Number of Men, armed with Pistols, Hammers and Clubs, entered the Dwelling-house of George Ball, framework-knitter, of Lenton, near Nottingham, disguised with Masks and Handkerchiefs over their Faces, and in other ways, – and after striking and abusing the said George Ball, they wantonly and feloniously [against the law] broke and destroyed five STOCKING FRAMES, standing in the Work-shop; four of which belonged to George Ball, and one Frame, 40 gauge, belonging to Mr. Francis Braithwaite, hosierNottingham: all of which were working at the FULL PRICE.




THAT if any Person will give Information of the Offender or Offenders, or any one of them who entered such Dwelling-house and were concerned in such Felony, he or she shall receive a Reward of




to be paid on Conviction [found guilty], in the Proportions [amounts] following, (viz.) £50 under the King’s Proclamation, £25 from the Committee of the Corporation of Nottingham, and £125 from the said Francis Braithwaite.


WE, the under-signed Workmen of the above-named George Ball, do hereby certify that we were employed in working the under-mentioned Frames, on the Work and at the Prices hereinafter stated, when the Mob came to break them, – that we had never been abated [called to ease off] in our Work, either by Mr. Braithwaite, the hosier, who employed the Frames, or by the said George Ball, our master; of whom we never complained, or had any Reason so to do.


Quality of work Price Workmen Owners
40 Gauge, Single Shape, Narrowed Two-plain


Maid’s 29 shillings per dozen [twelve] Thomas Rew Mr Braithwaite
36 Gauge. Single Shape, Narrowed Two-plain Men’s 29 shillings per dozen [twelve] John Jackson George Ball
38 Gauge. Single shape, Narrowed Two-plain, Maid’s 26 shillings per dozen [twelve] Thomas Naylor George Ball

N.B. The other two Frames were worked to another Hosier, but at the Full Price.


Thomas Rew

John Jackson

Thomas Naylor


Nottingham, 25th January, 1812.


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  • What happened at the ‘Dwelling-house of George Ball on Thursday night last’?
  • What was the target of the attack?
  • Who do you think attacked the house and the frames?
  • How do the owners propose to stop any further destruction of their knitting frames?
  • Why do you think we are told how much was paid for stockings produced by these frames by the owners and workers who worked the knitting frames? [Look at the table]
  • Why do you think the intruders destroyed the machinery?
  • How would you describe the tone and attitude of this source?