Source 1

Ground plan of HM Prison Cold Bath Fields (WORK 30/5978)

The grey shading shows old buildings, the pink shows building which was new in 1884, increasing the capacity of the prison to 1,000 prisoners.


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1. Look at Source 1.

Coldbath Fields Prison was named after a well nearby. It was an old prison, re-built in 1794, holding men, women and children. In 1850 it was changed to take men only and extended again. It was known as a tough prison, used for local London criminals on short sentences.

  • What was the purpose of each of the rooms/buildings/spaces you have found in the prison plan?
  • What do these areas reveal about prison life?
  • Can you explain why the Fever Hospital, the new prison, the Treadwheel house and flourmill, the Governor’s House are situated where they are?
  • How many prison cells can you see from the Rotunda, the circular building at the centre of the prison?