Exploiters and Warmongers

Poster attacking the coalition National Government of Ramsey Macdonald as well as calling on readers to demonstrate their opposition to the British Union of Fascists. BUF leader Oswald Mosley led a march to Hyde Park in September 1934. (MEPO 2/3074)

William Joyce (“Lord Haw-Haw” in the Second World War) attempted to prosecute the Daily Worker newspaper for incitement to violence because it urged anti-fascists to counter-demonstrate against the Blackshirts in this way.

The figures depicted on the top row (left to right):

Stanley Baldwin. Lord President of Council, later Prime Minister (1935).
Viscount Hailsham. Secretary of State for War and Leader of the House of Lords, later Lord Chancellor (1935).
Eyres-Monsell. First Lord of the Admiralty
Thomas Inskip. Attorney General
Chamberlain, Chancellor of the Exchequer
Walter Elliot, Minister for Agriculture

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