Source 2

Statement of William Rees, toll collector, 15 August 1843 (HO 45/454 f.415)


Statement of William Rees, Toll Collector of Trevaughan Turnpike Gate

That between one and two o’clock on Sunday morning last he was disturbed by a man knocking at his door who enquired the way to Llanvallteg Bridge, which he told him and that immediately afterwards he heard the sound of horses, when about twenty five or thirty men disguised, (having white frocks on and their heads tied on with coloured handkerchiefs under their chins) came to his house and compelled him by threats, pointing at the same time three Guns at his breast to deliver up his Books, which they carried off. The Books contained among other accounts, the names of several persons who had refused to pay toll at the said Gate, he is unable to identify any of them, but the person nearest to his house window rode a grey horse.

William Rees

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2. Look at Source 2. The toll collector describes an attack on the Trevaughan Turnpike Gate in August 1843.

  • When did the attack on the toll gate take place?
  • Do you think this is likely to be a reliable piece of evidence? Give your reasons.
  • Why do you think the supporters of Rebecca wanted the toll keeper’s account books?
  • What things suggest that the attack was well planned?
  • How do you think William Rees might have felt during this attack?