Source 6

Extract from a journal of one of the settlers. (CO1/1)


The wemen are very cleanly in making their bread and prepareing meat. I found they account after death to goe into an other world pointing eastward to the Element, and when they saw vs at prayer they observed vs with great silence and respect, especially those to whome I had imparted the meaning of our reverence. To conclude they are a very witty and ingenious people, apt both to vnderstand and speake our language, so that I hope in god as he hath miraculously preserved vs hither from all dangers both of sea and land & their fury so he will

make vs authors of his holy will in converting them to our true Christian faith by his owne inspireing grace and knowledge of his deity.

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6. Imagine you were amongst these first settlers.

  • Write your own journal entry describing your first contact with the Natives.Look at the source to get an idea of a journal entry. Make sure you cover:
      • your fears before you arrived
      • how you felt about the native people after first contact
      • how accurate your fears were
      • what you feel you can gain from these people
      • what you feel you and others must be careful of doing