Source 5

The timing of the attack – Operation Foxley 1944 (HS 6/624)


1. Timing.

The readiest indication of Hitler’s presence in the OBERSALZBERG is the big swastika flag which is flown on such occasions from the flagpole at the car park in front of the BERGHOF. Amongst other view-points this flag is visible from the SCHELLENBERGUNTERAU road (Fig.1), the Cafe ROTTENHOFER (Fig.30), and the DOKTORBERG, both in Berchteagaden.

Another indication is the presence in the neighbourhood of the various Sonderzuge (special trains), viz. Hitler’s at Schloss KLESSHEIM sidings (Fig.61), Keitel’s at BISCHOFSWIESEN, and the Gastezug (visitors’ train) at Berchtegaden and Ribbentrop’s train at Salzburg (Fig.62).

A third clue to Hitler’s presence at the OBERSALZBERG is provided by the clientele of the Wirthaus HOFSCHAFFNER (Fig.30) in Berchteagaden, a tavern much frequented in the evening by members of the SS Fuhrerbegleitkommando when off duty.

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5. Read Source 5. This section of the plan deals with the opportunities to assassinate Hitler in Obersalzberg.

  • How will the assassins know whether Hitler is in Obersalzberg?