Source 7

Extract from a confidential report from the British Ambassador, 30th July 1789 (FO 27/32)


No less than seven Princes of the House of Bourbon & one Princess, have fled in consequence of the troubles, but it is scarcely possible to imagine that the Nation will not, when the violence of it’s resentment begins to subside, be desirous of seeing these august Personages reinstated in their respective situations of dignity, especially too upon the motive of policy, when it is considered what immense sums of money will be thrown into the hands of Foreigners, during their absence from this Kingdom.


august – Inspiring awe or admiration; majestic

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7. Look at Source 7. This is a further extract from the report seen in Source 5 and 6.

  • How many members of the royal family have fled?
  • What does the ambassador say is ‘scarcely possible to imagine’?
  • What main reason is suggested for wanting these people to return?