Source 3: Legal document produced at ‘Framelyngham’ Castle, 1338

In this document, King Edward III confirmed or gave official royal recognition to, a legal document issued by the Earl of Norfolk during the reign of Edward II. The clerks responsible for such documents often varied in their spelling of place-names note the spelling of Framlingham castle in this source.

Legal document produced at ‘Framelyngham’ Castle, 1338 – Patent Rolls, Edward III 1338-1340, Volume 4, p. 57; 12 Edward III, part 1 (catalogue reference: C 66/192, m. 6)



Confirmation of a writing, dated at Framelyngham Castle, 22 February, 15 Edward II of Thomas, earl of Norfolk, and marshal of England, to Ambrose de Novo Burgo, his clerk, being a grant to him for life of the office of Marshalsea in the Exchequer, to supply the place of the earl there. April 20. Westminster. 1338


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  • Where was the original ‘writing’ of Thomas, Earl of Norfolk, produced? Does this tell us anything about the role of Framlingham Castle in medieval England? Can you find the word ‘Framelyngham’ in the original document?