Source 4

A list of all clothing provisions and requirements (WO 43/963)




Uniform upper clothing will be provided by Government comprising, in the first year, the following articles:

1 cloak with hood

1 Derry wrapper

1 pair of Indian-rubber goloshes.

6 check aprons.

6 collars,

4 caps,

2 best caps,

2 badges,

1 white straw bonnet.

1 dark straw bonnet.

3 print gowns.

2 linseywoolsey gowns.

1 cape or light shawl.

1 woolen jacket.

2 pairs of sleeves.

1 alpaca gown.

1 flannel wrapper.

The above articles will not be supplied all at once, but in such manner as may be deemed expedient with reference to the season of the year. A box for these articles will also be furnished to each Nurse.

Each Nurse may take with her as much under-clothing as her box will hold. She is expected to have in good condition the following articles:

1 dark stuff or cotton gown,

2 flannel petticoats,

2 upper petticoats,

2 pairs of stays,

6 shifts,

6 pairs of stockings,

2 night shifts,

4 pocket handkerchiefs,

3 night caps,

3 pairs of boots or shoes,

and all other necessary articles;

1 brush and comb,

1 small-tooth comb,

1 tooth brush,

1 umbrella;

also a carpet bag, to contain all that is wanted for the voyage. After one year’s service, 2/. worth of regulation clothing will be provided every six months.

No Nurse is to expect any gift of clothing beyond this.

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4. This list is part of a booklet given to all the nurses who travelled to Scutari with Florence Nightingale.

  • Think about the nurses you have seen again. What kind of uniform do they wear?
  • Look at the document. Why do you think the nurses would need so many different types of clothing?
  • How easy do you think it would have been to move around and work wearing these clothes?
  • Why do you think that the nurses weren’t given all their clothes at once?