Source 3

This is a map of Europe to show the location of the hospital and main area of fighting.

Map description:

Map of Europe in grey. Great Britain is labelled and highlighted in pink. France is labelled and highlighted in turquoise. Russia is labelled and highlighted in orange. The water beneath Russia is labelled Black Sea. A piece of land next to the Black Sea, underneath Ukraine, is highlighted in green and a city on it is labelled Sevastopol. On the other side of the Black Sea, the part of Turkey surrounding Istanbul is highlighted in red. An arrow points towards Istanbul with the label Scutari.


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  • Can you find Scutari hospital and Britain on the map?
  • How do you think Florence Nightingale and her nurses travelled from Britain to Scutari?
  • How do you think injured soldiers would have reached the hospital at Scutari?
  • Do you think this would have been an easy journey?
  • Why do you think the soldiers’ hospital was so far away from the fighting area shown in green?