Source 3

History and record of George Parr from the Department of the Public Health Nova Scotia (Canada), August 9th, 1940 (DO 131/47)




George was born September 16, 1928 in Middlesbrough and belongs to the Methodist Church.  George lived with his parents John and Minnie Parr at 28 West Lane, Middlesbrough all his life and attended Archibald School (GA) before leaving England.  His father was a labourer in the chemical works and he has just been working for one year, before that he was unemployed for some time.  Mrs Parr does not work to support the family.  Before Mr Parr got his new job they were on the dole.  Two sisters Betty and Doris came over with George, and he is very much attached to both of them, he requested that he be placed with them or near them.


George is red headed, over size for his age is undoubtedly of superior intelligence.  The supervisors of the school for the Blind spoke of George as being one of the best mannered and most trustworthy boy in the group.

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3. Read Source 3. This is part of George Parr’s record.

  • How old was George when this form was completed?
  • Where had he lived before evacuation?
  • What had George requested?
  • How does the report describe George’s qualities and personality?