Source 2

1851 Census return (HO 107/1478)


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Parish of

St George Hanover Square

Ecclesiastical District

St Peters

City of Westminster Town of Village of
Number on census Street Number or Name of House Name and surname of each person Relation to Head of family Married or not Age of Profession or Occupation Where Born If – 1. Deaf-and-Dumb
2. Blind
3. Imbecile or Idiot
Males Females 4. Lunatic
20 Brewer St Thomas Greenwood Head married 65 Stonemason  Hereford
1 Anna       ditto Wife married 48 Laundress Gloucestershire Cheltenham
2 Mary Frowde Widow 51 Lodging House Keeper Cornwall , St.Cullum
John Frowde Son unmarried 14 Errand boy London St Brides
William Bailey Lodger unmarried 38 Labourer Surrey Guildford
Henry Ayling Lodger unmarried 25 Labourer Surrey Guildford
3 Edward Young Head married 29 Carpenter Surrey Clapham
Elizabeth Ann Young Wife married 29 Straw bonnet maker Hants, Gosport
Edward Young Son 5 Surrey, Lambeth
Harriet Young Daug 1 month Middlesex Pimlico
4 Martha Brown Wife married 41 Chandlers Shop Keeper Surrey, Lambeth
Thomas Brown Son 11 Scholar Middlesex Pimlico
Emily Brown Daug Ditto         Ditto
5 John Barber Head married 41 Bricklayer Suffolk Framlingham
Mary Ann  Barber Wife married 32 Bricklayers Wife Suffolk Stowmarket
Frederick Barber Son 10 Scholar Westminster St Johns
Maria Barber Daug 2 months Middlesex Pimlico
Total of Persons 10 8
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2. Take a look at another page for Westminster from the 1851 census

  • Can you work out from this census return how Mary Frowde supports herself and her son?
  • What different jobs do the men on this census return do?
  • What different jobs do women on this census return do?
  • Are there any jobs which do not exist today? Can you explain why?
  • Compare this page of the census to the previous one. Can you explain any differences between these areas of Westminster?