Creative Activity

Here are some suggested creative activities.

  • Draw a portrait of one of the members of the household you looked at. What would they have looked like? What might they have been holding? What might they have been doing? What could be in the background?
  • Draw and write a short graphic story about your family or a member of your family.
  • What do you think their daily routine might have been? What kind of things would they say? What were they thinking?
  • Draw an outline of a house on cardboard or card. Cut it out and draw/paint a design for the household you looked at.

Think about including people at the window or standing outside. You could include objects in front of the house that relate to the family.

Students in Accrington glue map details to a door

Students in Accrington decorate their ‘door to the past’ inspired by their work on 20sStreets

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