Source 2

Durham Advertiser 24 February 1882



The following is a full list of the names, addresses and particulars as to family or otherwise, of the men killed by the explosion :-


Wm Robinson (deputy), widow and 1 child

John Errington, widow and 3 children

Samuel Richardson, single

James Stobb, widow and 3 children

Thomas Priestley, widow and 1 child

John Douglas, boy

Thomas Sharp, single

John Hughes, single

Thomas Hunter, widow and 6 children

Andrew Smith, single

Cornelius Jones, boy

Robert Soulsby, widow

Joseph Hyde, single

John Ramsay, single

Joseph Dormand, boy

Thomas Dormand, boy

William Jefferson, boy

George Jefferson, single

John Allison, single

Henry Burke, widow and 4 children

Edward Spencer, single

George Wigham, widow and 3 children

Fred. Bower, widow and 2 children

Wm Mandally, widow

John Williams, widow and 1 child

Thomas Peate, single

George Richardson, widow and 2 children

Michael Hart, widow and 7 children

Thos Horden (back overman) widow and up-grown family

George Clasmith, single

William Bowen, boy

John Wilsop, widow and 3 children

Ralph Robertson, single

Robert Edwards, single

David Edwards, single

Jacob Soalsbym, widow

John Wilson (Beaton), single

Matthew Day, boy

Henry Joles, boy

Richard Thwaites (deputy) single (widower)

George Dobson, single

R. Mercer, boy

Richard Dove, single

David Griffith, single

John Edmund, boy

William Parker, boy


Wm Hyde, widow and 1 child

Wm Williams, widow and 3 children

Henry Miller, single

John Smith, widow and 2 children

Thomas Prior, single

Thomas Clark, widow and 2 children

Wm Walker, widow and 2 children

Michael Docherty, single

Joseph Burnett, 22, single }

George Burnett, 19, single } brothers

James Burnett, 17, single }

Robert Maitland, widow and 3 children

Matthew French, boy


James Boyd, boy

Michael McCall, 22, single }

John McCall, 17, single } brothers

Thomas McCall, 17, single }

William Jennings, boy

Patrick Dorking, boy


Herman Schler, Under Viewer

George Slack, single

Thos. Blenkinsopp, widow and 4 children

Jacob Barryman, widow and 3 children

Christopher Prest, widow and 3 children

Frank Ramshaw, single


The following are the men who were in the Harvey seam at the time of the explosion and were rescued:-

H. Ramshaw John Storey
Ralph Wynne Richard Edwards
William Taylor Samuel Jones
John Priestley J Roach
Matthew Hunter M McCabe
E Spencer Wm Moore
Thomas Thompson P Roberis
H Mercler Jacob Soulaby (deputy)
Geo Rolson — Heaton
John Collier Mat. Scott
William Young Joseph Roach
M.E. Mallony Wm. Leighton
Peter Brown James Robson
John Wynne H. Nessham
Jos. Hepnell Mark Bilmer
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2. This is an extract from the Durham Advertiser showing those who were killed and those who were rescued.

  • What clue is given here about how these people died?
  • How many boys were killed?
  • How many children lost their fathers?
  • How would the lives of these children change now that their fathers were dead?
  • How many people survived?