Medieval Life

Our ‘Curriculum Topics’ use the phrasing of the National Curriculum to help you find content that can be used to teach each individual module. Our taught sessions and online resources cover a variety of time periods and places. Many contain structured investigations for use directly in the classroom. Others are more suited for research and preparation. They all allow access into our unique collections.

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Capturing our Collections

Artworks inspired by documents found in The National Archives
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What was Chertsey like in the Middle Ages?
Session we teach

Coronations: Ceremony and Change

How can we find out about Coronations in the past? How far have Coronations changed over time?
Classroom resource

Domesday Book

What can we learn about England in the 11th century?
Classroom resource

Framlingham Castle

What was the primary function of Framlingham Castle in the ‘Middle Ages’?
Classroom resource

Holding History

What is 'The National Archives'?
Classroom resource

Jews in England 1066

Why did Jews settle in England after 1066?
Classroom resource

Jews in England 1290

Why did Edward I expel the Jews in 1290?
Classroom resource

Kenilworth Castle (part one)

What can you tell from an image?
Classroom resource

Kenilworth Castle (part two)

What do the medieval records reveal?
Classroom resource

Medieval castles

What was their purpose and significance?
Classroom resource

Medieval seals

What can seals tell us about medieval times?
Classroom resource

Medieval Society

What roles did women play in Medieval times?
Classroom resource

Role of a Queen – Matilda and Elizabeth I

How has the role of Queen changed from the past?

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

What can an object reveal about its owner and life in Medieval England?