Request confirmation of no evidence of British naturalisation

Use this service if you:

  • want us to confirm that we can find no evidence that you or someone else acquired British citizenship through naturalisation. We can confirm this up to October 1986 – for confirmation from October 1986 onwards apply through UK Visas and Immigration
  • want a headed letter from us confirming this, for legal reasons

We can search the British citizenship records up to October 1986 held by The National Archives. If the subject of your request did not obtain British citizenship there will be no record and we will confirm this.

If you want to check whether someone held British citizenship from October 1986 onwards, contact UK Visas and Immigration.

If you meant to request a search for a certificate of British citizenship, use this service.

How it works

After you have provided us with information in the form below, we will conduct a search at no charge to you.

We will email you with the results of the search within 10 working days.

If we find no evidence of British naturalisation, we will confirm this in an email. If you need a headed letter from The National Archives for legal use, we will explain how to order it.

How much does the letter cost?

Each headed letter confirming no evidence of naturalisation costs £27.15 GBP.

If you need more than one copy of the headed letter – for example, for a family member – you will need to fill in this form again, using their contact details.

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