Jenny Bunn

photograph of jenny bunn
  • Position: Head of Archives Research
  • Specialism: Archives and records management theory and practice, Digital

Jenny is Head of Archives Research and is interested in any and all forms of research that will support and inform the practice of archives and records management going forward, particularly in the face of the challenges offered by digital material and technology.

Jenny worked as an archivist for over 10 years, before moving into research by undertaking a PhD to re-examine the theory behind the description of archives. She then spent a further 10 years at University College London developing education and research to shape the practice’s response to and engagement with technology. She is a past Editor of Archives and Records and a past Chair of the Archives and Records Association’s Section for Archives and Technology.

Select publications

Jenny Bunn, ‘Working in contexts for which transparency is important: A record-keeping view of Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)’, Records Management Journal, Vol.30 No.2 (2020), pp.143-153. DOI: 10.1108/RMJ-08-2019-0038

Jenny Bunn, ‘Archival Automation in the United Kingdom and the Relationship between Standardization and Computerization’, Information and Culture, Vol.54 No.2 (2019), pp.159-178. DOI: 10.7560/IC54202

Jenny Bunn, ‘Grounded Theory: A straightforward and complicated exposition’. In Anne Gilliland, Sue McKemmish and Andrew Lau (Eds.), Research in the Archival Multiverse, Clayton, Australia: Monash University Publishing (2017), pp.516-36

Jenny Bunn, ‘Questioning Autonomy: An alternative perspective on the principles which govern archival description’, Archival Science, Vol.14 No.1 (2014), pp.3-15. DOI: 10.1007/s10502-013-9200-2