Nelson, Trafalgar and those who served


Trafalgar Ancestors

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Charles Martin aged 38 born in Magtaburgh, Prussia.

Ship: HMS Achille

Rank/Rating: Ordinary Seaman


Service details

Comments: From: HMS Kite Sloop

HMS Achille

Ship's pay book number: (SB 397)
14 May 1805 to 31 July 1806 (Was at Trafalgar)
Rank/rating: Ordinary Seaman

1 August 1806 to 1 April 1814
Rank/rating: Landsman

2 April 1814 to 8 August 1815
Rank/rating: Ordinary Seaman
Comments: Discharged 8 Aug 1815 from the service.

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Catalogue reference: ADM 37/52