How to look for... Merchant seamen registers 1835-1857

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You can search and download merchant seamen records 1835-1857.

These are digitised records from a variety of record series held at The National Archives:

  • the register of seamen series I in BT 120 (1835-1836)
  • the register of seamen series II, in BT 112 (with its associate name index in BT 119) (1835-1844)
  • the register of seamen’s tickets, in BT 113 (the surname index is in BT 114) (1845-1854)
  • the register of seamen series III, in BT 116 (1853-1857)

For more information on what these records contain see

Use the guide Merchant seamen serving up to 1857: further research to help interpret these records.