Source 4

Extract from a newsletter to Walter Tucker, 8 August 1671 (SP 29/292/30)


On the 8th John (sic) Blood senior (one of the Crown stealers) had a pardon passed by Privy Seal of all treasons, misprisions of treason &c., committed by him since 1660 to this present, and also a restitution of all his lands in England and Ireland


Misprisions of treason: keeping quiet about a treasonable act

Privy Seal: A stamp, used for marking an impression in wax to be attached to a document used to show that the document is authentic and has royal approval

Treason: disloyalty to one’s country or king by purposely acting to aid its enemies

Restitution: return

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4. This is an extract from a newsletter to Walter Tucker, 8th August 1671.

  • Can you find the error in this source?
  • Can you find any differences in the terms of Blood’s pardon in this source?
  • Can you explain why source 3 and source 4 give different versions of the pardon?