Source 2(a)

Great Seal of Queen Elizabeth I (SC 12/N3)

  1. Can you find:
  • mysterious hands reaching from clouds to hold Elizabeth’s cape
  • an orb and sceptre
  • a ruff
  • coat of arms
  • Tudor Rose
  • background leaves and flowers
  • motto -‘Elizabetha Dei Gracia Anglie Francie Et Hibernie Regina Fidei Defensor’? [‘Elizabeth, by grace of God, Queen of England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith’.]
  1. What do the ‘mysterious hands’ suggest?
  2. Can you describe Elizabeth’s dress and hairstyle?
  3. Why does she hold an orb and sceptre? Do you know what they mean?
  4. Elizabeth was Head of the Church of England. Which part of the seal tells us this?