Activity Four

This handsome chap knows where it’s at, with a funky beard and groovy hat. He sailed the seas both North and South, to see the truth from word of mouth.

Travelling to Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti and more; there were many places that this captain could explore.

A cartographer they called him, a cartographer was he; he made maps of science, stars and the sea. His uniform laced with gold to wear, a sea captain at heart, with white curly hair.

In 1779 his journey ends. His last voyage to Hawaii is where he’d spend; spend his last days on the beautiful bay, with the fish and the ocean and the accidental swordplay.

Captain James Cook his name may be. He’s a well-known captain from British history. He opened our eyes to the countries southbound, by mapping in detail the countries he’d found.

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What can you find out about Captain Cook from the poem?