Source 8a

Extract from the first codicil to the will of Samuel Pepys (catalogue ref: PROB 1/9).


I give and bequeath to my Executor William Hewer Esquire my whole Colleccion of Moddells of Shipps and other Vessells Standing in his house at Clapham, where I now reside, recomending it to him to consider how these also, together with his owne may be preserved for Publique Benefitt.   

Simplified transcript

I leave to my executor, William Hewer, my whole collection of model ships and other vessels displayed in his house in Clapham (London) where I now live. I suggest that he thinks about how these, together with his own models, can be kept so that the public can benefit from them.


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Look at Source 8a and 8b.

  • What else did Pepys leave William Hewer? 
  • Why is it perhaps not surprising that Pepys had a collection of these objects? [Clue: Find out where Pepys worked.] 
  • What two things did Pepys leave to his servants? 
  • How do you think servants’ mourning clothes would differ from those of their master? 
  • What do these bequests [gifts] tell us about Samuel Pepys?