Source 6

Extract from the first codicil to Samuel Pepys will (catalogue ref: PROB 1/9) 


And whereas Since the time of my Signing and declaring my said Will, or Writing purporting to be my Will, My said Nephew Samuel Jackson has thought fitt to dispose of himselfe in Marriage against my positive Advice and Injunccions and to his owne irreparable prejudice and dishonourSoe thinke my selfe Obliged to Expresse the Resentments due to such an Act of Disrespect and Imprudence. And therefore I the said Samuel Pepys (in consideracion thereof) Doe by these presents Revoke Retract and make Null and void The Said Devise and Limitacion by my said Will, or Writing or Instrument before recited  

Simplified transcript

Since I wrote my will, my nephew, Samuel Jackson has married against my advice and orders and is permanently disgraced by this. I think I should express my anger at his disrespectful and unwise action, so I withdraw the gift of property I previously left to him in my will… 


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Look at Source 6.

  • Why did Samuel Pepys change his mind about leaving his property to his nephew, Samuel Jackson? 
  • Why do you think Pepys objected to his nephew’s marriage? 
  • When close relatives are left out of wills, this is called disinheritance. Can you think of other reasons why someone might not leave their property to their closest relatives?