Source 5a

This extract tells us about one of the people Samuel Pepys chose to remember in his will. (Catalogue ref: PROB 1/9) 


…To my welbeloved Nephew Samuel Jackson of Brampton aforesayd Gentleman Eldest Son of my late Sister Paulina Jackson deceased 

Simplified transcript

…to my very beloved nephew, Samuel Jackson of Brampton, gentleman, the eldest son of my sister Paulina Jackson who has already died… 


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Look at Sources 5a and b.


  • What sort of things do you think Pepys might have given to people named in his will? 
  • How long had he known Mary Skinner?   
  • Although he does not say it in his will, Mary lived with him and was treated by his friends as though she was his wife – do you think the language he uses suggestthey were more than just good friends?