Medieval seals task 1

Task 1

1. In this document Nicholaa de la Haye has granted land to a man named Simon. Nicholaa de la Haye was a noblewoman who inherited the role of constable of Lincoln Castle and the role of sheriff of Lincolnshire in the late twelfth century. She personally directed the defence of Lincoln Castle at least twice. She also defended it against French attackers in 1217, when Prince Louis of France tried to claim the English throne instead of the nine-year-old Henry III. Catalogue ref: DL 25/2890

Look carefully at both sides of Nicolaa de la Haye’s seal attached to the document. Remember that the front of the seal is called the ‘obverse’ and the ‘reverse’ is the back of the seal.

  • How would you describe this seal?
  • Is there anything in the design that shows her importance and interests?
  • Does this seal give any clues of her role as constable and sheriff? If not, why do you think they are not shown?
  • What does this seal reveal about women in medieval times?