Source 11: Farmers of Pevensey castle petition for a survey for repairs. 1307

This document records the request of the tenant farmers of Pevensey castle as they attempt to maintain the castle buildings.

John Fillol, farmer of Pevensey castle; William Golding, farmer of Pevensey castle. The petition dates to 1307 when Abel was appointed in accordance with the endorsement to this petition (CPR 1301-7, p. 523). Catalogue ref: SC 8/331/15663


Sussex. To the Treasurer of our lord the king and to the barons of the Exchequer, John Fillol and William Goldyng, farmers of the king’s castle of Pevensey, show that in the said castle there are several serious defects and that if repair is not made in due course then it is about in large part to fall into disrepair, wherefore, for the profit of our lord the king, they pray that a writ be sent to any of the king’s council that he will view and certify this place concerning the defects.


[Endorsement] Sussex. Pevensey. To the treasurer. John Abel is to be assigned by writ under the great seal to survey the castle and the defects, and he is to certify the treasurer and barons.


Notes: writ – a legal command from the king or court.


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