Source 4

Donald Campbells Squadron, Troop, Battery and Company Conduct Sheet page 2 (WO 363/C)


1913Brought forward
22.5.13PteDrunk in Barracks about 8.30 pmSerj Richardson
L Serj Bauchope
Fined 2/623/5/13Capt. Tanner
28.5.13"Breaking out of Barracks about 9.45pm improperly dressed & remaining absent until found in Barracks about 10.30pmL.Cpl. Walker
Serj West
Pts Garner
C.Serj Watson
Corpl Cleal
7 days C(onfined to) B(arracks)25/5/13Maj. Dyson
17th June 1913 }Verified
Drunk in barrack about 8.45pm
Cr. Sgt Watering
Sgt Watson
Fined 7/66.11.13Capt. Price
4th July"drunk when on military duty at Mount Wise about 2.15pmCorpl Ward MFP
Pte Power GMP
Corpl Knox R S Regt
Fined 5/-6th July Major Abell
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3. Read Source 2, 3 and 4. These records show Donald Campbell’s charges.

  • How old was Private Campbell by 1913?
  • What was Private Campbell found guilty of in Glencorse on 15 January 1913?
  • Using information from all three extracts, what offences was Campbell found guilty of throughout his military career?
  • In your opinion, how serious were these offences?