Source One: King Edward challenges Earl Godwin

Before Edward returned to England from Normandy, his brother Alfred travelled to England and was captured. Earl Godwin took Alfred to Harold Harefoot who tortured him but Alfred died from his wounds. Edward never forgave Earl Godwin for this betrayal and years later, after his own ascension to the throne, during a banquet at Windsor accused Earl Godwin of his brother’s murder. The Earl denied the murder, claiming that if he were guilty the morsel of bread he was eating would be his last. Legend tells that the Earl then choked on his bread, and died. This scene shows Godwin at the far right of the frame, preparing to eat his bread.


  • How has the scribe made the King seem more important than the other figures?
  • How do they show the King is unhappy with Earl Godwin?
  • Based on the picture alone, do the other lords seem to be on the side of the King or the Earl?
  • Does the image of the figures behind the table look like any other famous image?