Source 6

Copy                                                                                                      203442


18 to 26, Stepney Causeway,

London, E.

20th January 1911.


To Mr G. Rowe,


I am desired by the Managers of these Institutions to inform you that your daughters, Eva May and Hilda Kate Rowe, now in the Girls’ Village Home, Barkingside, Ilford, will probably be selected to go with the next Party of children to our Branch Home in Canada, from which place they will, if they behave well, be received into a Canadian family and find a happy home.


Should you desire to write to the children, their address is – c/o The Secretary, Margaret Cox Girls’ Home, Peterboro’, Ontario, Canada. Your letters will only need a penny stamp if they do not exceed an ounce in weight.


The Managers will be pleased to furnish you at intervals with tidings of their progress and welfare in the new country.


I am directed to inform you that in Canada they will be under the same kind and watchful supervision, on the part of experienced ladies belonging to our Home, as they would have enjoyed had they remained in England. The Managers have every reason to believe that their best interests will be secured by their emigration.


I am,

Yours faithfully,

(Signed)  George Code

Honorary Secretary


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Letter from George Code, Honorary Secretary for Dr Barnardo’s Children’s Homes, Stepney, London to Mr. Rowe concerning his two daughters, 20 January 1911, Catalogue ref: HO 144/1118/203442

  • Why has Mr. Rowe been sent this letter?
  • What is the justification for the decision concerning Mr Rowe’s daughters?
  • What assumptions are made in the letter about how Mr Rowe might feel?
  • Is there anything that shocks or surprises you about the tone of this letter?
  • Why do you think letter is held in the Home Office collection at The National Archives?