Source 5a

The Raw Material & What can be made of it


Jack’s history was a very sad one. He had no home life. We cannot, for his sake, give details. We received him when he was 11 years old, and, after schooling, taught him the trade of a Compositor*. We also looked after his physical training, as indicated by the dumb-bells and clubs.


Nine years ago he was emigrated to Canada, where he is following his trade, and is also a Volunteer in the Q.O.R. [Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada].


Jack came to see us when his Regiment was visiting England recently, and the photo shows him as he is to-day.


This is a case of “what might have been” and “what he is” – a credit to the Homes and to his Country.


And the COST? Only £16 per annum for maintenance and training, and £10 for emigration expenses.


*A compositor arranges text and images for books, magazines or newspaper before they are printed


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These are extracts from publicity material produced by the charity Dr Barnardo’s. The material covers the emigration of girls and boys to Canada, 1913, Catalogue ref: HO 144/1118 pgs. 2, 11.

  • What does Dr Barnardos claim to achieve for boys like Jack in this source?
  • How is the page design and layout used to show the aims and values of Dr Barnardos?
  • Why do you think this source was produced?
  • Who would be the audience for this source?