Source 3a

Extract of a private letter, St Ann’s, Barbados (CO 28/85)


Tuesday morning 16th – halted at Bailey’s Estate belonging to the Revd. A_____ of ______. Here the insurgents were assembled, about 400 in number and drew up in order to attack the left wing of the 1st West India Regiment about 150 men; they killed two and wounded one of the four men were instantly charged and despatched having about 40 hours of combat in the field as 70 prisoners in our hands


Insurgents: rebels; people taking part in an uprising

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3. Read all parts of Source 3. This is an extract of a private letter, St Ann’s, Barbados 27 April 1816.

  • What is the attitude of the writer to the insurgents?
  • How many men were killed on both sides?