Source 3b

Peenemunde Site Plan/Target Map (AIR 34/632)

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Peenemunde Site Plan/Target Map


Target No. 3 /AIR/389                                                              Relevant Map
Experimental Establishment                                                   22/Rev.1943
Peenemunde (Nr. Greifswald) (Germany)                            1:100,000






A= Experimental Station
B= Factory Workshops
C= Power Plant
D= Unidentified Plant
E= Experimental Establishments
F= Sleeping and Living Quarters
G= Experimental Airfield


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2. Look at Sources 3a & 3b: Attack on Peenemunde.

  • Study the aerial photograph of Peenemunde (3a)
  • Can you identify the areas listed here in Peenemunde Site Plan/Target Map (3b):
  • Experimental station
  • Factory workshops
  • Power plant
  • Unidentified Apparatus [machinery]
  • Experimental establishments
  • Sleeping and living quarters
  • Experimental Airfield
  • Which areas would you suggest the bomber pilots aim for?
  • Give reasons for your choice of targets.