The Murder



Newgate December 4 1831


I, John Bishop do hereby declare and confess that the boy supposed to be the Italian boy was a Lincolnshire boy- I and Williams took him to my House about ½ past 10 O’Clock on the Thursday night the 3rd of November from the Bell in Smithfield – He walked home with us – Williams promised him some work.[…] I took him into the House – we lighted a candle and gave the boy some bread and cheese and after he had eaten, we gave him a cup full of rum with about half a small phial of Laundanum in it.


I then took him in my arms and let him slide from them headlong into the well in the Garden whilst Williams held the cord to prevent his body going altogether too low into the well – he was nearly wholly in the water of the well.

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The Murder:

  • Why was the boy vulnerable?
  • How did Bishop and Williams convince him to go with them?
  • What happened to the boy?