May's Involvement


I then asked a man who drove a Chariot whether he would take the job he asked me what it was to do I told him and he said he would – Me and Bishop got into the Chariot and drove to the Fortune of War where the Prisoner – Williams was –


Bishop uncorded a hair trunk which was there and lifted up the lid – I there saw the body it was laying straight on the back with the head in the chest and the hands laying by the side I lifted the upper lip and asked him how it was he did not take the teeth out because it is natural in Young persons to have a good set of Teeth I can’t be positive what he said but I think he said what would you take the teeth out I did not think they were good enough […] I took the teeth out and put the body in the sack and carried to the chariot myself. We all three got in and I desired the coachman to drive to Guys Hospital which he did and we got there as they were getting ready for the Friday Evening Lecture – I took the Body out myself and took it into Mr Davies’. Bishop went with me and we left Williams with the Coachman. I asked Davies to take it and so did Bishop.


Chariot – a horse and carriage.

Hair trunk – a trunk covered in animal hide with intact hair.

Uncorded – untied

Guys Hospital – a leading teaching hospital

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May’s involvement:

  • How well treated is the body?
  • Why might they sell the teeth separately?
  • Why is it important to arrive before the Friday evening lecture?